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Brother Bill’s Brotherhood

This group of hunters has raised funds for Brother Bill’s Helping Hand and also provides nourishment for our neighbors.

In the past year, the Brother Bill’s Brotherhood has donated over 2,500 pounds of wild game to our grocery store.

The Brotherhood was created by executive director, Wes Keyes, in 2018. Wes noticed a lack of protein available in the West Dallas community. He thought about the amount of game meat that went to waste, or was left to sit in a freezer, when he and his hunter friends processed an entire animal. It’s usually much more protein than is needed for one family. And thus the Brotherhood was formed!

The group also hosts the annual Wild Game for West Dallas, a fundraiser that helps support the ministry. The goal for the annual Wild Game for West Dallas Cookout is to raise awareness of the lack of protein, engage more men and hunters in our ministry, and provide more healthy food for our neighbors!

Please contact Mary Barclay for more information about how to get involved.