Our History: A Legacy of Faith




Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Fund was created by preacher Bill Harrod


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


Juanita Bailey, Bill Harrod’s church secretary becomes director of the ministry

UT Southwestern Medical School operated one of its first off-campus charity clinics at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand    



Brother Bill’s Helping Hand is incorporated by the State of Texas as a faith-based charitable organization


Juanita Bailey retires from the ministry at the age of 88


The Community Health Clinic opens its doors to serve neighbors


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand opens its doors to a new location with more space to serve more neighbors on North Westmoreland, where it is currently located


Brother Bill’s begins offering mental health services in partnership with The Center for Integrative Counseling and Psychology


Wes Keyes is appointed as executive director of the ministry


127,000 neighbors visit Brother Bill’s, and the Community Health Clinic saw a record number of 7,911 patient appointments


How Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Was Founded

Bill Harrod, a man with a third-grade education, recognized the needs of the people of West Dallas and set out to help. He began the ministry when he was pastor of Eagle Ford Baptist Mission, but felt strongly that the ministry should be separate from any church. While many different congregations have been active supporters of Brother Bill’s Helping Hand through the years, the organization has never been solely supported by one church. Under the auspices of Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, Brother Bill provided food, clothing, and spiritual encouragement to thousands of men, women and children living in the community.

Brother Bill began preaching in West Dallas in the late 1930s. Ministering daily to the spiritual needs of the people. He recognized a tremendous need for basic physical necessities. In the early 1940s he established the “Brother Bill’s Helping Hand” fund.  Its purpose as a faith-based ministry was to meet physical needs and build personal relationships. In March of 1961 Brother Bill’s Helping Hand was registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Brother Bill died in 1976, but the ministry he began continues to this day.